Top Places to Sell Your Car in Durban

Places I can sell my car in Durban

If you are looking for places to sell your car fast and hassle-free in South Africa, you have several options to choose from.

Each service comes with its own advantages as well as drawbacks.

For example, by selling your car privately through an online marketplace like Gumtree, you have the flexibility to set your own price and wait until you get an offer that matches it or comes close to your price.

If you plan to replace your car with a newer model, then it makes sense to offer your car as a trade-in and the value will offset the price on your new purchase.

And lastly, you may opt for a car-buying service like Webuycars or Selluscars. Services like these have exploded in popularity in recent years, due the ease and convenience they offer. (Agents visit you at your business or residence, often with same-day EFT payment)

Below we’ve listed the most popular places to sell your today, with pros and cons of each to inform your eventual decision.

Here are some of the most popular ones:

AutoTrader website
AutoTrader website

Online Marketplaces

These are websites where you list your car for sale and reach a large audience of potential buyers. Some of the most popular online marketplaces in South Africa are:

    • Gumtree (#1 Online Classified website in SA. Free to post an ad – with paid options to boost your listing)
    • Facebook Marketplace (Free to post to Facebook users, can also cross-post to Classified “Buy & Sell” Groups on the Facebook platform)
    • Junk Mail (Similar to Gumtree, free to post a classic classified listing on their directory)
    • Autotrader (Arguably the #1 car-selling site in SA. List your car for R599* per month) *Register as a private seller.
    • (List your car on for R529 pm)


You set your own price and negotiate with buyers directly. You can also include photos and details of your car to attract more interest. Here you’re at liberty to describe your pride and joy in ways that attracts buyers in the market, Potential to get your best price by choosing the private sale option.


More than likely, you will encounter timewasters, scammers, low-ballers, and no-shows going the private sale route. So, this is not for the faint hearted. You may also have to cater for viewings, test drives and paperwork. For obvious reasons, this is the most time-consuming way to sell your car.


Durban South Toyota Dealership in Prospecton
Durban South Toyota Dealership in Prospecton


These are businesses that buy and sell cars professionally. You can either trade-in your car for another one or sell it outright for cash. Some of the most popular dealerships in Durban are:


Selling your car to a dealership like Durban South Toyota is a safe and straightforward process. Dealerships are reputable entities with years of experience in the business, giving you total peace of mind. There is minimal paperwork for you to handle, as the dealership typically manages all administrative aspects of the sale. Dealerships also provide immediate payment, saving you the hassle of waiting for a buyer to secure financing. If you’re planning to replace your old car with a new one, dealerships can also offer attractive trade-in deals.


A dealership’s primary objective is to sell new cars. As such, they may provide a better offer if you’re trading in your old car for a new one. However, if you’re just selling your car without replacing it, dealerships may not offer the best possible price. This is because they need to ensure a margin for resale or auction, covering their operational costs and risks. Another potential downside is that negotiation may be tougher at a dealership compared to selling privately or to car-buying services. You might feel pressured into accepting their first offer, especially if you’re in a hurry to sell your car.

In summary, selling your car to a dealership is a viable option, particularly if you want to avoid the hassle of managing the sale yourself or if you plan to buy a new car at the same time. However, it might not get you the highest possible price, especially if you’re not trading in for a new car.

Selluscars Car Buying Service in Durban
Selluscars Car Buying Service in Durban

Car Buying Service 

This is a new and innovative way to sell your car in South Africa. is conveniently located at 28 Intersite Ave, Springfield, Durban. They have a fast drive-in option to get a great cash offer on your car, with same-day payment and friendly personnel to guide and assist with the paperwork. You can also load your vehicle using their 2-minute “Car Selling Wizard”, after which one of their buying agents will personally submit an offer. If the offer looks acceptable, they’ll proceed to coming out to you – or you bring your car in for a final inspection and same-day cash offer. They’re backed by the Durban South Group – and with , you can expect the same trustworthy, professional transaction.




With a service like, you’re able to sell your car in a streamlined, stress-free manner. You bypass the typical hassles of online listings, dealing with endless phone calls, managing emails or hosting countless viewings. Instead, you get a fair and transparent offer that directly reflects the condition of your car. What truly sets car buying services apart is the speed and convenience they offer. Quite often, you can walk away with cash in hand on the very same day you bring your car in.


While a car buying service offers many benefits, there are a few things to consider. Depending on your proximity, you may need to drive to their location or schedule a time for them to come to you. In addition, the process may necessitate quick decision-making on your part. Once you receive their offer, you may need to accept on the spot to secure it.


In summary, when selling a car in South Africa, choosing a car buying service like can offer an ease and efficiency that other methods simply cannot match. While a dealership can provide a safe, straightforward process and an online marketplace gives you control over your listing, neither provide the same speed and convenience that a car buying service does. However, it’s important to remember that each selling method has its own unique advantages and potential drawbacks, and the best option ultimately depends on your specific needs, circumstances, and preferences. If speed, convenience, and a hassle-free experience are your primary objectives, a car buying service like could be your best bet



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