Frequently Asked Questions

What does book value mean?

The “book” refers to a monthly guide released by Transunion, a company involved in analysing vehicle transactions across South Africa. They receive data from actual car purchases over the period. Based on average trading figures combined with other statistical factors, Transunion compiles the guide, which is updated monthly.

How do dealers work out a price for my trade-in?

Dealers use the value listed for your make of car, together with the year model, as a base, and adjust up or down based on condition and mileage of the car

As a rule, a generally accepted mileage for a car to travel in one year, is 25,000 to 30,000 kms.

Mileage above that, in most cases mean an adjustment down from the book value.

What does Trade & Retail price mean?

The Transunion Dealer Guide, lists 2 main values for each vehicle.

“TRADE” price is a value “into-showroom” and takes into account any refurbishments or repairs that a dealer will need to carry on the car

“RETAIL” price refers to a price on a fully refurbished vehicle with roadworthy and warranty.

What documents will I need to sell my car to you?

We will assist and advise you on the documents to complete. Generally we will need your vehicle “log-book” (vehicle registration certificate), certified copy of your ID, “yellow-form” (change of ownership form), SARS declaration form (we will supply if needed) and proof of residence.

Can I sell my car without the log-book?

No, but you can apply for a duplicate log-book at your nearest motor-vehicle licensing department. The cost is approximately R500.

Can I sell the car if it’s not registered on my name?

We will need the particulars, ID documents and signature of the registered owner of the vehicle.
In the case of a deceased family member, we require proof of relation and authorization from the estate executor.

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